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Hi! I’m Di McMath.


A former Paramedic, with a mission.

Don’t worry; I’m not here to ‘burst your bubble’ about the job that you love!

Quite the contrary! 

I know you most likely love your job, & I want to help you keep doing it for as long as you want to!!!

….but I’d just like you to be able to maintain a healthy mind along the way!!!

Because let’s be realistic …. in order to walk away at the end of your career ‘mentally unscathed’ – you’re probably going to have to do some work!

I will guarantee that I’m not the only one who’s been ‘rocked’ by losing a colleague/friend to suicide. And I’m sure as hell am not the only one who’s seen colleagues/friends suffer with PTSD.

I know that there are some awesome ‘Employee Assistance Program’s (EAP’s) out there; but I’m also well aware that many officers don’t feel comfortable seeking assistance from ‘internal sources’ for lots of various reasons, and some people just feel that what’s offered….isn’t enough!

So since hanging up my uniform for the last time after 15yr years of service, I decided to put all of my qualifications/skills/knowledge/training together (with both Paramedic & Coaching qualifications), & create a program to help educate & assist you with skills / tools BEFORE you ever get to the point of feeling ‘broken’.

So that hopefully… never get to that point!

Hence, the ‘Triple Zero Resilience’ program for First Responders – was born.



The Triple Zero Resilience program is a online, self-paced, one of a kind program that was specifically created for First Responders to proactively support & strengthen their psychological wellbeing.

The program aims to provide simple & effective coping skills & strategies that are relevant to the job, so that when the officers are faced with challenging situations in their professional or personal lives; they are better mentally prepared to cope;

– therefore encouraging ‘post-traumatic growth‘.

And – it’s a program that’s been created by someone who’s ‘worn the boots’ – & knows what it’s like to have done the job! 



Think of this metaphor….

Defensive driving skills, are best learnt BEFORE you need them aren’t they?

You learn the skills of handling an emergency vehicle – before  you need them….not waiting until you’re spinning out of control!

So it’s the same aim with this program – to be given the skills / tools / strategies / learnings…..before you need them.

Of course there’s going to be plenty of people who have already had plenty of exposure out ‘on road’… and you can’t unsee/uhear what you’ve already been exposed to; but you can help minimise the long term accumulative effects that exposure to traumatic events – by possibly learning some new coping strategies to help deal with them! 





What the program IS about


It IS an optional program. Nothing in the program is compulsory. If you are only interested in it for the information in specific modules….then that’s OK! I’d always recommend that you complete the whole program, but you’re an adult – and can make your own decisions; so no problems! 


It IS aimed at teaching you skills/strategies BEFORE you need them. Like I said above; it’s better to teach someone ‘defensive driving skills’ before they need them….this program aims to teach you coping skills /strategies so that when you’re faced with challenging situations in your professional or personal life; you’re better mentally prepared to cope.


It IS a program that’s been specifically created with YOU in mind. When I created it, I put myself back in  I asked myself – “What sort of information / skills would I have loved to have been provided with – throughout my career, to be of real benefit?” and “What do they actually need to know?!”


What the program is NOT about


It’s NOT a replacement for psychological help. I’m not a counsellor / psychologist, nor do I claim to be (or wish to be). This program is aimed at being a valuable resource to support your personal growth & therefore help you cope better throughout your highly stressful career. If you are in need of URGENT help – please call ‘000’


It’s NOT a resource to turn to in a crisis. Again; if you are requiring immediate assistance, please call ‘000’ or Lifeline 13 11 14.


It’s NOT a replacement for any Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) or Staff Support Services. This is not here to replace any program that your organisation already has in place. Think of it more as an ‘adjunct’ to utilise alongside &/or prior to utilising those services.


It’s NOT claiming to be the ‘be all & end all’. This program may not resonate with everyone – and that’s OK! It’s important to realise that not one shoe fits all.



You’ll be able to access the program 24/7 * from your desktop / tablet / mobile – at your own convenience!

*For the life of the website. 


The entire program was created specifically for ‘First Responders’, therefore terminology / ‘lingo’ used throughout – relates to the job.


  1. Creating a strong foundation
  2. Relationships
  3. Strengthening our minds
  4. Stress & Coping
  5. Emotional occupational ‘hazards’
  6. Moving forward


Each module has video content, to guide you through the lessons.



The majority of lessons have downloadable workbooks and associated activities to assist with the learnings of each lesson.


  1. The starting point
  2. The beginning of your journey
  3. Human Needs Psychology
  4. The power of your words
  5. The roles we play
  6. The relationship with yourself
  7. Love levels
  8. The 5 love languages
  9. Polarity
  10. Rituals & Habits
  11. Creating more empowering perceptions
  12. Changing our state of mind
  13. Emotional reactions
  14. Perspectives
  15. Peaks & Valleys
  16. Stress & Coping
  17. Overcoming adversity
  18. Post stressful events
  19. Coping with the death of a colleague
  20. Burnout
  21. Hypervigilance
  22. Family members & loved ones
  23. Removing the stigma
  24. Life beyond the uniform
  25. Mindfulness
  26. Heart / Brain connection
  27. Happiness


You’ll receive 2 amazing guided meditations to download from my beautiful & talented friend Priscilla Clegg’s ‘Inner Calm’ CD.


You’ll gain access to the private ‘members only’ Facebook group (totally optional!), where you’ll have access to a community of like-minded individuals – & further resources will be posted from time to time. *Lots of ideas for this space!


Upon completion of the program & an exit survey, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion for your records.



Your Certificate of Completion will include a total of 8 HOURS of CPD credits that may be claimed & self-reported to your registering body (eg: Paramedicine Board of Australia, or Nursing & Midwifery Board) for your Continuing Professional Development; should you require it for your registration. 



Enter the coupon code MATESRATES

at the checkout – & receive 10% off the regular price! 



I don't live in Australia - is it a program that's suitable for First Responders that live outside Australia?


As any Emergency Service worker knows…..the job is practically the same anywhere in the world. Sure; some countries have some different terminology, but the content & concepts are what’s valuable in the program. So if you can look past that, then great!

*You may notice that the program is known by a couple of names. Essentially, the Triple Zero Resilience program is a name that’s recognisable for Australians (Triple Zero ‘000’- being the emergency number to call), and the ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing program’ for First Responders is a name that’s recognisable globally.  They are not two separate programs; they are the same program.

What if it's not the right timing for me to start it?

No problems! You have lifetime access to the program, so you can start it whenever it suits you! However, the introductory price of $49.95 will end at the end of February 2019 – so even if you don’t think you’ll have the time right now to start it…..I’d purchase it before the price goes up to it’s normal price  ($149.95) so that you essentially save $100!

How long will it take me to complete the program?

The program is self-paced. So essentially – it’s up to you! There is 6hrs of video content to watch, as well as workbooks with activities to complete – so it’s estimated that if you were to get stuck into it, it would take you approximately 10hrs. This program has previously been made into a face-to-face workshop, which with just having the content that you’ll be receiving – was run over 2 full days.

I like the idea....but I think our employers should be paying for it - not me!

“Here Here!!!” I TOTALLY agree with you!!! I believe that your organisations have a duty of care to do everything they can to assist you in looking after your mental health.

And believe me….I’ve been trying (for a few years) to go down the avenue of getting organisations to pay for it for their staff; and it’s not surprise that it’s been a struggle to say the least!

Dealing with any Government organisation can be pretty frustrating, and one day I just thought to myself “I am doing my my former colleagues a disservice if I delay making it available for them!!!”

Because let’s be honest….the more time that I spend on trying to get your organisations to pay for it for you …..the more officers we are losing to suicide in the meantime. So I felt that this was a necessary step to take – so that officers can have resources available to them, prior to ever getting to that point.

So that’s when I decided to make it into an online program – at the regular price of $149.95….for lifetime access , I believe it’s extremely good value for money! And if you add the MATESRATES coupon for 10% off…..even better!!!

Also, if you haven’t thought about it up until now…… it’s ‘work related’ – so it’s tax deductible!!

I don't have PayPal. Can I still purchase the program and get any discounts that I've been offered?

Whilst having a PayPal account makes it easier on the administration side of things for me; I don’t want that to prevent you from being able to purchase the program. So yes – feel free to contact me at and I can send you details to make a bank transfer if that’s easier for you, & I can manually add you into the program. If by some chance you haven’t heard a reply from me in 48hrs (sometimes the security on my email can be pretty strict with what emails it allows in), please feel free to message or call me on 0415800622.


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